The Ultimate Barrier!

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The Barrier

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The Barrier is our response to protect our customers from cyber attacks.

We have build a worldwide chain of high-end computers who detect malicious attacks towards our customers.



Our customers have place their websites behind us, so our Barrier receives their traffic, filters it, and delivers to our customers' server only filtered traffic, free of malicious attacks.


Performance Monitoring

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The follow-up of data-processing applications Quality of Service requires powerful tools and accurate competences. The produced and published data must make it possible to appreciate with accuracy the infrastructure Quality of Service total level and the real defects impact on users.

Performance Managers has developed a whole set of tools and competences to quickly implement an application monitoring platform, making it possible to measure data-processing applications Quality of Service, to validate measurements adequacy to the Contract of Service, to provide clear data for the defects resolution, and to even start preventive actions before real users do not feel the impacts of them.


Monitoring or Monitoring?

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When people come to talk about monitoring, each one has his own understanding of what is Monitoring.

Not so often people know that there are different kinds of monitoring. We will try to give some definitions.

First, you have 2 main kinds of IT systems monitoring: performance monitoring and availability monitoring.

Performance monitoring tries to give an image of the ongoing performances of the system, while availability monitoring only tests if the system is accessible, whatever the performances are.

But within these 2 large categories, there are many kinds of monitoring, each giving more or less information on the monitored system.

The answer to availability monitoring questions is always yes or not while the answer to performance monitoring questions is a time measure or a percentage. Obvious?


Performance Booster

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Within minutes, you can bring down your website load of up to 60% without losing any user hit.

More easy is difficult!

You just have to enroll in our Performance Booster Program, and we will serve for you all your static content to your visitors.

Images, javascript files, CSS files, HTML static pages will be stored on our servers and send to your visitors on request.

These files represent from 20 to 60% of visitors hits, and if we manage them for you, it will be up to 60% less hits to your servers, 60% less traffic on your connexion links, 60% less CPU, 60% less disk accesses.


Interpol Calls For Global Effort To Battle Cybercrime

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Original link :

Interpol's Secretary General says the private sector needs to become much more involved in law enforcement investigations to give police the edge they need.

Interpol Secretary General Ronald K. Noble this week called for the creation of an integrated cybercrime investigative to combat the growing threat.

Noble pushed the idea of setting up a network that would enable police anywhere in the world to immediately identify and obtain help from security researchers and investigators in other countries 24 hours a day. He also called for building up information shares called National Central Reference Points and connecting them using Interpol's secure global police communications system, known as I-24/7.

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  • How to not get scammed on Amazon
    Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the US, but it's also not without problems. One of the ways Amazon became so big was by opening up its distribution network to third-party retailers, who use Amazon's warehouses and website to sell their own products. Buying from these retailers means you're not buying from Amazon proper, and that means you can be burned. DON'T MISS: How-To Geek  has the story of how one author got scammed by a mini PC with a cracked version of Windows. When you're paying good money for a computer off a giant website, it shouldn't arrive with pirated software. And yet: The particular PC I purchased was sold by “ MarsKing “. Sure, that’s a Chinese manufacturer I’ve never heard of, but it’s solid Intel hardware inside. It was also marked by Amazon as the “#1 New Release” in this category and had solid 4-to-5-star reviews at the time. It even had a “Prime” logo, which meant that it would be shipped to me from an Amazon warehouse. Looks legit, right? Nope! The PC came with a KMS Loader activation crack installed and was using a KMS key–a common way to activate pirated Windows licenses. Windows Defender found the KMS activation crack and complained about malware as soon as Windows Update ran automatically. After I left a bad review and returned the product to Amazon, MarsKing contacted me through Amazon with an offer: “We would like to sell you a new pc box with legitimate [Windows license] at 50% money off as apologize.” I didn’t take them up on it. As the author points out, the reason he was burned was because he was buying from a third-party seller. Since Amazon never really verifies or tests products that it sells on behalf of third parties, there's very little quality control in the system. In fairness, Amazon is still better than buying from a scammer on eBay or Craigslist. Amazon's customer service is designed to keep the customers happy, so you can always return products, and I've personally been offered small discount vouchers when my Amazon purchases have gone wrong. But still, you don't want to go through the time and hassle of buying and returning something that's fake. To that end,  How-To Geek  has some good, simple tips to use when buying off Amazon. Avoid products that are sold and shipped by third-party sellers, and instead look for things sold by, or at least shipped by Amazon. Reading reviews is also important, but that's its own minefield. Amazon reviews have become tainted as of late. There's an entire cottage industry dedicated to writing fake Amazon reviews, and many companies have started trading discounted (or free) products in return for favourable reviews. Reviews aren't worthless (yet!), but you should pay attention when reading them to try and avoid reviews that have been incentivized.
  • Kuwaiti government employee arrested over IS online postings
    KUWAIT CITY (AP) — Kuwait's Interior Ministry says a government employee has been arrested for spreading Islamic State ideology and hacking social media pages of "some friendly and sister countries."
  • Activist discovers iPhone spyware, sparking security update

    Human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor speaks to Associated Press journalists in Ajman, United Arab Emirates, on Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016. Mansoor was recently targeted by spyware that can hack into Apple's iPhone handset. The company said Thursday it has updated its security. (AP Photo/Jon Gambrell)AJMAN, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The suspicious text message that appeared on Ahmed Mansoor's iPhone promised to reveal details about torture in the United Arab Emirates' prisons. All Mansoor had to do was click the link.